Roxy - Playera, - Sea Niñas Sea Spray Playera,/W ff99097

50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, 12% Viscose
Cierre de Sin cordones
Lavar a mano
tela de tirantes
Suave y cómodo
Gráfico en la parte frontal

Roxy - Playera, - Sea Niñas Sea Spray Playera,/W ff99097 -

Some things change. and some things don’t have to.
Reducing our customers' total cost of ownership

We're leveraging our expertise with condition-monitoring technology and reliability-centered maintenance to help our customers improve the performance and reduce the total cost of ownership of their rig equipment.

Predict failure
Deploying our multistage fracturing systems in the longest long-string well ever completed in Saudi Arabia

We worked with a major operator in Saudi Arabia using our i-Frac™ ball-drop-activated sliding-sleeve system and Burst Port System (BPS™) to hydraulically fracture zones that were previously inaccessible by coiled tubing or wireline.

Challenge convention
Improving performance in challenging applications through friction reduction

Operators across the world are implementing our Agitator™ system, using friction reduction to improve their performance in shale, extended-reach drilling, fishing, plug and abandon, and completions applications.

Break friction